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How to Promote Events and Announcements

Step 1: Rethink Press Releases The web changed everything about how messages reach audiences. We are no longer dependent on traditional media outlets (newspapers, television, radio, etc.) to produce and distribute information we want audiences to receive. We can do that ourselves through our own websites, social media, and newsletters. However, that does not mean […]

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UM-Flint Department Sliders & U

Last time we outlined the form and function of the homepage slider feature, shared some examples of the type of stories we aim to tell, and suggested some ways in which individuals and departments can assist in identifying and creatively gathering content for such stories. This time we will discuss the game plan for additional […]

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The UM-Flint Homepage Slider and U

The most powerful communication, marketing, and customer service tool within all of higher education is the university website. Before they set foot on campus, receive recruitment material in the mail, or talk to an admissions counselor, perspective students first visit the websites of the schools they are considering. Online, the university website is the university.

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