Archive | December, 2013

Simple Changes to Make Big Improvements to Your Drupal Website

UM-Flint’s Offices of University Relations and ITS are still developing a full-fledged, fully operational Web/Drupal/Content guide. Until that’s ready, you can get some broad, foundational content strategy basics via our first iteration (of many) of a Web Content Guide. Some specific best practices have surfaced since the launch of the new, Drupal-powered on October 1. Reference […]

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Team Effort Offers Glimpse of UM-Flint’s Content Future

With Drupal as UM-Flint’s new content management system, opportunities to implement new strategies for getting the right content in front of the right audience at the right time are now possible. In time, we will formalize processes—such as consistent naming and tagging of various types of content—making strategies like cross-unit content sharing even simpler and […]

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