Archive | June, 2014

Summer Drupal Help

As we move into summer, we know that schedules and demands vary. We won’t be holding regularly scheduled Open Drupal Sessions in the summer months, but a list of fall semester dates will be shared with you all in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we’re happy to help you with your websites and Drupal questions. […]

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Content and Kipple

The Failures in Our Success In the crazy rush to overhaul the University website before our contract with our previous CMS-provider expired, a lot of talk was made about content and organization. Unfortunately, that crazy rush left little time to really elaborate on or help out departments with those two things. Instead, people were given […]

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Looking for Student Voices

The UM-Flint story cannot be told without student voices. Through the Students@UM-Flint blog, the university Instagram account, and@UMFlintStudents Twitter account, students can share their own, personal UM-Flint experiences with the world. Until now, only Students@UM-Flint bloggers had access to @UMFlintStudents on Twitter or the university’s Instagram account. Now we’re excited to expand the opportunity to students all across campus. […]

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