UM-Flint Creative Update | May 2010

It’s summertime and for the creative team that means working diligently on projects for the upcoming recruitment season for both undergraduate and graduate admissions.

We have been working hard on designing a new look for our Graduate Admissions brochure series. This includes repackaging content and finding noteworthy talking points about each program. Using meaningful, thought-out images is also an important aspect to the project as they need to speak to the reader and be intuitive.

After completing the focus groups on last year’s Undergraduate Admissions recruitment pieces, it was clear we didn’t need to completely redesign the undergraduate look but rather tweak what we already had. High school students really liked the designs we tested with them, and they felt they really stood out compared to what they receive from other colleges and universities. The updated pieces will look similar to last year’s but will include several of the Fastest Growing talking points.

As the summer rolls out, you will also see these and other new designs roll out from the UR creative team. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Andrea Yinger