Everything Google Part II

The month of June finally included a winning bid for the UM-Flint :30 commercial through Google TV ads.  Previous attempts may have been too broad among television networks and programming.  Numerous bid options were tested, including variations in chosen networks, programming, times and bid levels. The decision was made to focus on eight networks with specific programming options. These included: EPSN, Fox Sports, CBS College Sports, MTV, The Science Channel, and Sportstime Ohio.  In addition, the daily maximum bid price for a television spot was increased to $5.00 per ad play. Within 24 hours we won bids with the first commercial running late afternoon on Friday, June 11.

To date, the commercial has played 111 times with over 774,000 impressions across the chosen networks and programs. The maximum bid was $5.00 per ad play, but the average cost per impression (CPM) we paid has been $2.00.

We consider this a successful marketing venture. Overall, how many people can say they had their television spot appear during national programming for only $2.00? It was even hard for us to believe until a staff member from another department indicated that a friend had seen the commercial while watching ESPN in Joliet, IL. We’re pleased that we’ve received such a large viewership on the commercial in neighboring markets, however, the next goal is to also include some local programming (within a 150-mile radius).  It would be nice to actually see first-hand the commercial playing due to a Google TV ad bid.

Melissa Brown