Beauty in the Unexpected | UM-Flint Creative Update March 2010

March was an extremely busy month for the creative team in UR. We focused heavily on overall brand for the university with establishing the “growing” look, while still creating projects for other departments and organizations. We were on the road quite a bit as well, conducting more focus groups and finding out what high school students expect to see in marketing materials by way of content, colors, photographs, typography, etc.

We’re also making final tweaks to focus-grouped clothing designs that you should see this fall at the Bookstore and Info Desks. The pieces were designed in-House and were critiqued and graded by high school and college-age students. Our goal is to get more UM-Flint apparel and merchandise out there at an affordable price for the masses.

If you’ve seen the newest Alice in Wonderland movie, you’ll notice the trend for some time has been moving toward the use of lots of bright, bold color. We incorporated this trend into last year’s viewbook and other marketing materials, but after meeting with 208 high school students during focus groups, we realized we can use even more. We have and will. You’ll notice the use of color and illustration in our new Facebook Fan page and Twitter page graphics. We find inspiration and beauty all around us from a children’s movie to street art, from a graphic novel to a box of rubbish. We encourage you to look beyond your confines and see the beauty in all!






% for Completions

# of Departments

March, 2010






Completed Projects

  • Division of Student Affairs Anti-Violence campaign

    anti-violence campaign

    anti-violence campaign

  • College of Arts & Sciences Theatre mailing campaign
  • “Michigan Mile” Crim logo

    "Michigan Mile" Crim Race

    "Michigan Mile" Crim Race

  • Transfer weeks campaign
  • Sneak Peak and Freshmen Friday campaign
  • Orientation flier
  • Connect poser
  • Flint Journal Choices in Education ad
  • UM-Flint Overview, formerly known as At a Glance
  • UM-Flint Points of Pride
  • Fastest Growing campaign:

-Genesee Valley Mall boards
-Oakland Press web ads
-View Newspaper ads
-Flint Journal Answer Book back page ad
-Oakland Press print ads

  • Lansing Community College campaign
  • Genesee Google Fiber campaign
  • SC4 campaign
  • Jackson Community College campaign
  • Scholarship Dinner materials|
  • Critical Issues Forum materials
  • MACAC ad
  • Facebook and Twitter illustrations

    Facebook Illustration

    Facebook Illustration


Andrea Yinger
Creative Manager