Image Campaign in Full Swing | UM-Flint Marketing Update March 2010

The UM-Flint image awareness campaign is in full swing. Existing advertising contracts were fulfilled with many TV and print ads on display in various Genesee and surrounding county outlets. Image campaigns not only involve a strong reinforcement of the brand image through the look, tone and content, but also monitoring existing messages, images and statistics that could actually counteract our efforts to promote UM-Flint as the premier urban center for learning, research, and civic engagement. We also reviewed and updated existing websites that were brought to our attention for outdated or incorrect UM-Flint information.

We have also been exploring a new form of TV advertisement through Google. Google TV Ads allows for more flexible, accountable, and measurable TV advertising within targeted markets throughout the county. We hope to have an update on its effectiveness for UM-Flint very soon.