Everything Google: Marketing Strategies

Last month I mentioned exploring the possibility of Google TV ads. Since the beginning of April, I have been trying to win a Google TV ad bid! As I work my way through this process, I’m discovering that actually winning a bid to broadcast a TV commercial is harder than the “how to” video states. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1)     Google is really strict with the size of the video submitted for display. This process alone took about a week to get an approved submission based on Google requirements.

2)     Once you have a video submitted, you have to determine your audience, locations, demographics, bid levels, and daily budget before submission. There are many national stations and programs to choose from with various days and times available.

3)     During this selection process, you can refer to Google’s help notes to assist with the many questions you will have with setting your ad buy.

4)     Once you have your budget, demographics, and commercials loaded, Google can give you an estimate of stations with programs and times that you may win. You won’t know if you’ve won a bid until the following day when you see a charge to your account.

This is a very quick review of how the process works and, I’m sad to say, I have yet to win a bid. Research on Google TV ads will continue.

Melissa Caudle