“Dreaming & Doing” | UM-Flint Brand Update • March 2010

If February was a month for brainstorming, strategic creative planning, and trial-and-error, March was a month for execution and bringing concepts to life.

Fastest Growing Public University in the State

Last month, UR determined to make this exciting fact the focus of our Spring/Summer advertising campaign. The message itself is powerful. We feel it can be a real attention-getter, perception-changer, and conversation-starter. What is more, for perspective students who have been admitted but have yet to officially enroll, it’s a message that could go a long way in helping them feel more confident in finalizing their decision to attend UM-Flint. Not in a “bandwagon” way per se, but it is true that people feel good when they can associate with “positive trajectory” – of a favorite team, band, even a university. It also adds real credibility to claims that UM-Flint really is “the place to be.”

The fact that this message is so charged with ideas of “unexpectedness,” “fresh-thinking,” “positivity,” and “confidence” was taken into account for its visual representation. To capture these ideas, the print and billboard ads have a bright, bold look and strong, to-the-point copy:


Metro Times Ad:

As we mentioned before, it is great to be able to make the claim that UM-Flint is the fastest growing public university in the state, but the question it begs is far more meaningful to prospective students. The question of “why?” Why is UM-Flint growing? That’s were the call-to-action comes into play. All the print, billboard, social networking, and soon, TV ads within this Spring/Summer campaign direct the viewer to umflint.edu/growing. It is here where the full story behind the statistic comes to life in clear, meaningful, and vivid detail – complete with corresponding HD video!