Back to School Part Two

The first week of the fall semester is drawing to a close. What better way to wrap up a great week than with more memories from University Relations?

Pam Zemore, Community Relations Specialist
Can you spot her? Pam is seen here waiting for the school bus with her pink lunchbox and blue plaid dress.

Pam Zemore.jpg

Kim Doerr, Business Manager
Kim is known for her contagious laugh, and we still see this grin today!

Kim Doerr.jpg

Jennifer Hogan, Executive Director
Jen, on the right, doesn’t look very excited about her first day of school. We’re sure she was bursting with joy on the inside, though.

Jennifer Hogan

Mel Serow, Public Relations Manager

We’re told Mel doesn’t have any photos from his first days of school, but he was able to find this photo from high school.

Mel Serow

Tricia Borcherding, Graphic Artist

She doesn’t look anything like this today, does she? (Kidding, of course.)

Tricia Borcherding

Jenn Swank, Assistant Director in Admissions for Marketing and Communications, Undergraduate Admissions
This edition’s first honorary member of University Relations is Jenn Swank! You can find Jenn today in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions or in this “UM-Flint First Week of Classes” video.

Jenn Swank

Andre Louis, Process Manager, Research

And then there’s Fourth-Grade Andre. Gotta love those 80s lasers! These days, Andre is in the Office of Research in 530 French Hall. He may not have lasers, but he has plenty of great research opportunities to share.

Andre Louis