Back to School with University Relations

Today is the first day of fall semester. Oh, the nostalgia that comes along with a “first day.” No matter how long you’ve been on campus, the beginning of an academic year is always full of excitement and possibility. And so, in honor of this marked occasion, a few of us in University Relations would like to share some of our first days.

Bob Mabbitt, Senior Brand Analyst
Bob has captioned this photo, “Let’s do this!”

Bob Mabbitt

James Thigpen (JT), Graphic Artist

JT is a recent UM-Flint graduate and just joined University Relations last month. We’re so excited to have him–almost as excited as JT was about picture day.


Melissa Brown, Assistant Director

You all recognize that smile, right?

Melissa Brown

Alaina Wiens, New Media Communication Specialist

Today, you can find Alaina behind the UM-Flint Facebook and Twitter accounts. In 1986, you could find her with this awesome Trapper Keeper.

Alaina Wiens

Andrea Yinger, Creative Manager

Even today, Andrea loves flowers. And fashion. In kindergarten she liked them together!

Andrea Yinger

Brian Proffer, Student Activities Coordinator

Yes, we know Brian doesn’t work in University Relations, but how could we not include this photo? You can visit grown-up Brian in the Student Organization Center on the second floor of the University Center.

Brian Proffer

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