UM-Flint Student says, “Facebook on Campus: I ‘Like’ It”

UM-Flint student Amy Livingston posted this message on the university’s Facebook Wall today: “I have a writing job on, and my assignment was to write about the use of social media on campus at the school I go to!” We’re so thrilled that Amy shared her post with us, and that she’s engaging with UM-Flint using social media. So thrilled, in fact, that we’re going to share part of the post with you. Thank you, Amy!

I am a college student at the University of Michigan-Flint, a very social-media happy campus. There is a Facebook and Twitter page for the school itself, along with several of the clubs and organizations here on campus. It makes it very easy and efficient to communicate to the student body about campus closings, emergencies, and other important events going on in our little world.

I love the fact that the school itself uses social media to communicate with its students, because not only does the school publish information, it gives the students an outlet to release their questions and concerns. Whenever anybody posts something to the school “Wall” on Facebook, (if it is legitimate), it is responded to in a clear, concise manner. My school also publishes self-taken photos of students in their Michigan gear when they are anywhere outside of Michigan! I think that is really cool because it shows how far our school travels and it spreads the word about us.