Higher Ed Resources for the Non-Stop Learner

As Tim Nekritz (@TimNekritz), director of web communication and associate director of public affairs at SUNY Oswego recently pointed out, there are no social media gurus– we are all students. I’m going to pull a quote right from his post, just in case you don’t click the link to his blog.

Social media is an ever-evolving landscape. New platforms, apps and communities appear all the time. Best practices are established, demolished and reshaped. And Facebook is bound to change everything it does at any moment. At best, we are all social media students — paying attention, comparing notes with colleagues and realizing this field requires non-stop learning.

Wow. Seriously. A few of you readers may have heard me rant about this very thing, but Tim hits the nail on the head in a much more eloquent way.

And so, in the interest of fostering the non-stop learning that Tim recommends, I am sharing with you a few of my favorite higher ed web and social media resources. There are so many out there. Here are a just a few you can count on for consistent, amazing content. Check out these websites, and look for their curators on Twitter. I can speak from personal experience to tell you that they’re all great and helpful people.

Meet Content

Whether you’re working in web or social media, content is a huge part of your job. Meet Content provides tips for generating content and using it in the most effective way. You can also find the founders of Meet Content on Twitter, Georgy Cohen (@radiofreegeorgy) and Rick Allen (@epublishmedia). They are good resources in and of themselves.

Higher Ed Live

I can’t say enough about what Higher Ed Live puts out there for higher ed web professionals. Weekly web episodes dive into web, social media, technology, marketing, and more as they relate to the work we do on college campuses. Look for Seth Odell (@sethodell) on Higher Ed Live Sunday nights at 7pm EST. You can also find Eric Stoller (@EricStoller) and Student Affairs Live on Wednesdays at 4pm EST.


Talk about a powerhouse. The contributors to .eduGuru are many, and each is a wealth of information. Visit .eduGuru and you’ll find a huge range of topics related to internet marketing in higher education. What’s more, if you connect with the contributors individually, you’ll find them to be awesome. In fact, they’re worth listing even though you can find them on the .eduGuru website: Kyle James (@kylejames), Karlyn Morissette (@karlynm), Michael Fienen (@fienen), Nick DeNardis (@nickdenardis), Nikki Massaro Kauffman, Mike Petroff (@mikepetroff), and Jessica Krywosa (@jesskry).

Alaina Wiens
New Media Communications Specialist