Higher Ed Resources | Volume Two

A blog post by Tim Nekritz inspired me recently to share some of my favorite higher ed resources. I had a feeling I was forgetting many of the greats, and I was right. Thank you to everyone who reminded me of what I missed.

And so I give you: Volume Two of Higher Ed Resources for the Non-stop Learner.


As its website will tell you, “BlogHighEd is a higher ed blogger network.” It’s nearly impossible to catalog all of the best higher ed blogs out there (there are so many!), but BlogHighEd is doing just that. Connect with @BlogHighEd on Twitter, and make sure you check out this website. You can be sure that all of the amazing resources I fail to mention are listed there.


Link: The Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals. Another amazing collection of work from really smart and innovative people in higher ed. Take the time to look through the articles. Subscribe to get updates. The contributors to Link have tons to offer by way of case studies, tips, examples, ideas, you-name-it.


If you work in higher ed web in any capacity, the University Web Developers site is a great place to collaborate with colleagues. Post a question in one of the forums and web professionals from around the country are there to help. You can’t follow “uwebd” on Twitter, but you can follow its creator, Mark Greenfield (@markgr)–and I suggest you do.

Alaina Wiens
New Media Communications Specialist