UM-Flint Social Media Update | February 2011

What’s New

In an effort to better organize UM-Flint’s YouTube channel, all videos have been sorted into playlists by topic. With 72 videos currently hosted there, it’s important that visitors are able to find what they’re looking for.


In other news, Facebook updated its Pages in February. With the update came new admin functionality, Wall format, a few bugs, and additional Insights. In the Facts and Figures section below, you’ll now find information about UM-Flint’s Facebook Monthly Active Users, which are defined as “people who have interacted with or viewed your Page or its posts.” You’ll also find Page View information: “Page Views are total hits to your Facebook Page. Unique Page Views are the total unique logged-in Facebook users visited your Page. Both include interactions from Fans and non-Fans.”

Social Media Facts and Figures

Below, a summary of UM-Flint’s social media efforts in the month of February.

Our Audience:

Our Reach:

  • 3,676 Monthly Active Users on Facebook in February.
  • The highest number of “daily wall posts” on Facebook was 18 on February 21.
  • The highest number of “daily comments” on Facebook was 129 on February 21.
  • The highest number of “daily likes” on Facebook was 102 on February 2.
  • The highest number of photo views was 78 on February 28, when new photos were uploaded to the UM-Flint Was Here album and the February Person of the Month was announced.
  • The tweeted link most often clicked was a link to a notice about class cancellation the first week of February.


University Relations is always looking for things to promote across the social networks. If you have anything you’d like promoted, please forward your information to Alaina Wiens at [email protected].

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