Web Round Up Week 4

There is a lot cool stuff out on the web, but it can be hard to find if you don’t know what or who to search for. I plan to round up resources and neat things from around the web so that you can be inspired and learn something. I hope to provide resources on inspiration, design and code.


Media Queries

A collection of sites that use the Media Queries

Font Fuse

A tool and gallery for pairing fonts

Warner Bros. Movie Typography From The 30’s

A collection of re-drawn movie titles

Creative Mornings With Milton Glaser

Presentation by Milton Glaser


Method And Craft

A collection of interviews, videos, notes and articles about design

Technical Web Typography

Really good tips about type on the web

Modular Scale Calculator

A cool tool for making modular scales for type


Typeface that uses ligatures to create charts and graphs

Wed Design Sherpa

Commentary on the best web practices


Targeting Windows Phone 7

Using conditional statements to detect Windows Phone 7

Set a Google Map As You Background

Tutorial in utilizing googles maps as a background

CSS3 Generator

Slick UI for creating CSS3 gradients, rounded corners, and box shadows


Cloud based IDE that directly integrates into Github