Web Round Up: Week 3

There is a lot cool stuff out on the web, but it can be hard to find if you don’t know what or who to search for. I plan to round up resources and neat things from around the web so that you can be inspired and learn something. I hope to provide resources on inspiration, design and code.



Awesome play lists made by designers.

Album Art Collection

Round up of inspiring album cover art.


A collection of goods for a modern lifestyle.

Postcards from Google Earth

Distorted landscapes via Google Earth


Open Source Ampersands

Free open source ampersands

Grouping Layers with Photoshop Actions

Grouping layer tricks and shortcuts

Critiquing Design With Designers

How to go about doing design critiques with fellow designers

Lean UX: Getting Out Of The Deliverables Business

How to get out of the business of making stuff people will never use.


Rapid Prototyping With Sinatra

Learn how to write a web-app with Sinatra.


Asynchronous script loader

A refresh of $.ajax in jQuery 1.5

A video overview and code examples from the new jquery $.ajax method

Dive Into HTML5

An awesome free book about HTML5