New Year. New Brand. New U.

With all new years come new resolutions, new hopes, new dreams. Most people decide to get organized, which is why you see an over-abundance of storage containers at your favorite stores. Well, that’s happening for us too, but 2011 for UR is the year for new beginnings, new campaigns, and new and exciting endeavors. One campaign, one of the most important campaigns, includes updating the university brand to get everyone internally and externally excited about who we are and what we do.

We are shouting out to the world that we are a world-class educational institution. We are the University of Michigan–with a twist. We’re different from the Ann Arbor campus, and that’s a good thing. We pride ourselves on our Carnegie-recognized community involvement and the relationships that are formed between our students and faculty because our small, close-knit campus allows for that. Our students travel all over the world learning and researching. We are still the fastest-growing public university in the state of Michigan, in the center of an ever-changing community with boundless opportunities for students of all demographics to make a difference–not only in their own lives by learning hands-on, but by giving back in one way or another to people who truly appreciate it and need it. Flint isn’t something to be afraid of. Flint is a place to be a part of. A city that has an ever-growing population of creative talent and is a grassroots epicenter creating change, hope, and a new culture.

So, the next time someone asks you about the University of Michigan-Flint, stand proud and say with confidence that we are really something special, one-of-a-kind, world-class, and WE ARE the University of Michigan with a twist.

Andrea Yinger
Creative Manager