UM-Flint Social Media Update | September 2010

What’s New

If you’ve visited UM-Flint on Facebook lately, you may have noticed a new look. Using images of UM-Flint students, the new graphics encourage you to “Like Us.” We hope that you do! And if you haven’t “liked” UM-Flint yet, you can click “Like” at the top of our Facebook page now. Also on Facebook, our current push toward the 4,500th fan is steadily increasing our following. The first mention of this goal (“We’re creeping up on 4,000 fans. Can you help us reach 4,500? Suggest UM-Flint to your friends! Our 4,500th fan and the friend who suggested us will each receive a UM-Flint fan prize pack!”) was on August 30. From 3,882 fans that day, we’ve increased 363.

In September, University Relations conducted a bit of an experiment using social media at the Welcome Back Picnic. We posted Facebook updates and tweeted throughout the day, and saw a good amount of user engagement. Since the event, there has been an increase in use of the #umflint hashtag on Twitter.

Social Media Facts and Figures

Below, a summary of UM-Flint’s social media efforts in the month of September.

Our Audience:

Our Reach:

  • The highest number of “interactions per post” on Facebook was 7.15 on September 1.
  • The highest number of “total interactions” in one day on Facebook was 79 on September 16, the day of the Welcome Back Picnic.
  • The highest number of photo views was 1,139 on September 16, when photos from the Welcome Back Picnic were posted throughout the day. (As a point of reference: the day before the Picnic, UM-Flint’s photos on Facebook received 14 views.)
  • The tweeted links most often clicked were related to Facebook content, usually photos.


University Relations is always looking for things to promote across the social networks. If you have anything you’d like promoted, please forward your information to Alaina Wiens at [email protected].

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