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I’m Mad As Hell and I Don’t Want to Take it Anymore: ABC 12 Loses Key People and We Lose Key Community/Media Relations Professionals

Gwen Ifill is coming to UM-Flint as part of the 2011 Frances Willson Thompson Critical Issues Forum. Ms. Ifill, a highly respected journalist, is coming to campus to speak about the present and future state of journalism. Ironically, she is coming to Flint at a time when local journalism is in crisis. Local television station […]

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Stop Treating My City Like the Fat Kid In Gym Class

I was always the last kid picked for teams in gym class. It never failed. Basketball? Last one chosen. Relays? It was always met with, “do we have to take her?” The only event I seemed to excel at was dodgeball, and that’s because I made one helluva target.  I was also banned from the […]

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Playing “Hard to Get” with the Media

I love the media. I love the media in a sentimental way.  My first career choice was in television production which lead to my really long career in the world of television news.  It was an extremely tough job and not for the faint of heart.  Deadlines were constant, demanding.  You had to get a […]

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