UM-Flint Social Media Icons

With the update to the University of Michigan-Flint’s logo and new brand identity guidelines, University Relations is happy to offer social media icons for campus. These icons are considered “official,” and will only be created for approved department and program social media accounts.


Example – Information Technology Services

You can find your social media icon in MediaBin under “Logos and Graphics” in the folder for your unit. This icon has been created so that it will work for both Facebook and Twitter, as well as any other social network that uses a square graphic as a profile image, and shouldn’t be resized or modified.

A Note for Facebook

When uploading your new icon to Facebook, the thumbnail will be set to “scale to fit,” by default. However, there seems to be a glitch with the way the image uploads. In order to feature the icon correctly as a thumbnail, you’ll need to:

  1. Hover over your new Page image and click “Edit Profile Picture”
  2. Select “Edit Thumbnail”
  3. When the dialogue box pops up, uncheck the box next to “Scale to fit,” and save
  4. Next, go back in, reselect “Scale to fit,” and save again

A Note for Twitter

If you’d like to update your Twitter profile background with the updated official university colors, you can do so in your settings.

  1. Settings>Design>Background Color
  2. For maize, use hex code #ffcb05
  3. For blue, use hex code #00274c

Another quick, related point about Twitter. Many of these new icons utilize abbreviations, such as SOM (School of Management). Many UM-Flint Twitter users also utilize their abbreviation in their Twitter handle, or username (as in @UMFlintSOM). There is nothing wrong with this. Abbreviations save much needed characters and space in small icons. But we cannot assume people know that SOM means School of Management. For this reason, we recommend users utilize their full name as their Twitter profile name. This will not impact the existing “@” handle, which may appear on promotional materials. To change your profile name (not account name):

  1. Settings>Profile>Name
  2. Change abbreviated name to full name

If you have any questions, or would like to request a social media icon for your unit, please email [email protected].