What Do I Do Now? How UM-Flint’s Logo Change Affects You


Have we rocked your world a bit with the announced logo change? If so, don’t fret. Read on to learn how the logo change affects you and your department, and all the resources that will be at your disposal to help.

Right away, we will make the new Block M logo available through MediaBin. This can be used for anything that is printed/created after March 28. We understand that many departments must order ahead for the summer/fall months, and we don’t want to stand in the way of your work.

By May 1, we will have available through MediaBin revised department logos and the university wordmark. Accompanying each new graphic will be helpful tips and best-use guidelines that will help ensure we all make the most of this transition. For instance, graphics designed to be used for print pieces are different than those intended for promotional items. And brand identity is nothing without consistency.

In early August, we will be releasing the first volume of a new two-part brand tool kit. It will feature, logo and graphic use guidelines, as well as new brand messaging rationale and talking points. The second volume (UREL is referring to the two as “The Blue Alum” and “The Maize Album” respectively) does not yet have a projected availability date, but will be devoted to general web and social media guidelines, as well as more specific information related to Drupal, the new content management system (CMS) being implemented over the next few months and going live October 1, 2013.

University Relations is also developing a new design template system that will make it easier for non-graphic designers to quickly create items that automatically adhere to university logo and brand guidelines. We will have more information on this new template system in the coming months. A similar template system is being considered that would allow for the creation of more visually appealing, graphically driven emails and email newsletters.

As always, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with the University Relations team to talk about the specific needs for your department. We are happy to discuss any aspect of marketing and communication that will assist you in reaching your goals.