LiveSite Update

Last month Paul Woolcock and I gave a small presentation detailing some of the features that LiveSite offers as it pertains to authoring pages.  Since then, I am happy to say that we have major moves towards being able to roll out LiveSite to production.

Last week Paul, Tim Todd, and I worked with Kevin McMonagle, an Interwoven Architect and VP at Klish Group, on development and implementation of  layouts for LiveSite.  After about 200 hours between the four of us, we had three layouts, 25 components, numerous bugs resolved, and finally pages being deployed out to the web server.  By bringing in Kevin, we have a great start and a very defined direction for what Paul, Tim, and I need to do to continue.

The following are some screenshots from the visual editor that allows CMS administrators to edit pages while looking at them.

In-line editing

Visual editor

Chad Hietala