Snow Days Are Never an Easy Call

Snow days.  Some people love them, others, not so much.

As the bearer of good or bad news depending on your point of view, I have a unique insight into the sometimes difficult decision-making that takes place in canceling classes and activities.  So while some may see this as an easy call, it just isn’t.  Many factors have to be taken into account, and the people who do make the decisions are very conscientious.  While all wish we would know of a cancellation early enough in the day to change our plans, it’s just not always possible.  Weather is famously unpredictable, complicating the decision-making.  One thing I do know for certain:  safety is always the first priority.

With the addition of student housing on campus, we are never really “closed,” much like our sister campus in Ann Arbor.  There are always essential services that have to be provided–food, safety, grounds, etc.  So no matter the decision, there are many people who trudge through all kinds of weather to keep the university running.

Here’s a thought most of us can agree on–spring will be a welcome relief from winter!

Jennifer Hogan
Executive Director of University Relations