Pantone Refocus | Interpreted

I recently attended the PantoneView Colour Planner Fall/Winter 2012/13-Refocus webinar. Though this presentation was a bit lengthy, I thought there was some great upcoming color and style trends that I thought would be fun to share. Below are the highlights and some of my interpretations. Color reports always get me excited and inspired for the annual fall Vogue issue coming out shortly!

  • Hybrid car sales are up 50%, driving the color trends towards the natural tones.
  • Organic is growing in popularity; personal vegetable growing is up 40%.
  • “Rurban Revolution” = urban farmer’s markets.
  • Blue is the it color right now, especially the royal versions, likely due to the royal wedding and Princess Catherine’s engagement ring.
  • Plant life for interiors is growing more important.
  • Pretty graffiti is becoming a trend as opposed to an eye sore.
  • Mushrooms are the it shape in design, likely a remnant from Alice in Wonderland.
  • Bold, royal colors are still in.
  • Snakeskin, feathers, and fur are all very popular textiles thanks to influence from the Black Swan.
  • “True Blood”/Vampire influence is still very hot and now so is the “Teen Wolf” phenom.
  • Black: ultra-matte, sleek, chic, no longer ultra gloss.
  • Blues are ethereal.
  • Shocking pink, vivid and exciting purple.
  • Lots of greens: foggy to vivid, always an olive-based shade.
  • Pink-based oranges.
  • Grays: paler and mid-tones.
  • Browns are a must-have.
  • Accessories are going strong and staying strong.
  • Textures are hot and heavy.
  • People are spending more money on good, quality products and less often as opposed to buying less expensive items more often.
  • Geometric shapes bring back the retro vibe.
  • Leather and woodgrain are great textures and colors to add to your palette.
  • Bright color combinations to foggy and submerged monochromatic hues are on trend.

There you have it! Hopefully you’re able to use some of these color and style trends the next time you’re thinking about an upcoming project.