UM-Flint Social Media Update | December 2010

What’s New

It was a month of new initiatives, progress toward existing goals, and lessons learned about communication as we rounded out 2010.

New in December, “UM-Flint Was Here.” This Facebook photo album showcases the UM-Flint logo in photos around the world. It’s easy to get involved.

1. Take a photo of you with your UM-Flint gear.
2. Post your photo to UM-Flint’s Facebook wall.
3. Look for your photo in this album.

For the first time in recent history, the speaker line-up for the Frances Willson Thompson Critical Issues Forum was announced before the 2010 holiday break. The announcement of the 2011 schedule was made first on Facebook on December 1 at 10am. Following the announcement, a Twitter account dedicated to the Forum (@umflintCIF) began sharing updates, articles, and more related to the events and featured speakers.

You’ve long been hearing about our goal to create a branded presence for UM-Flint on Foursquare. A first step toward this goal was achieved in December when a first-round claim of UM-Flint-related venues was approved. It’s been a long road, and we’ll keep you updated as things progress.

On December 13, the UM-Flint Facebook page saw more traffic than it ever had before when classes were not cancelled after a winter storm. In total, there were 37 wall posts, 195 comments, and 151 likes. Clearly students had become accustomed to communicating with the university through social media channels; that was the good news. With the negative feedback we were seeing, however, we knew there was something to learn. University Relations’ inclement weather communication process has been updated. A blog post was published recapping what we learned. On the morning of December 13, a student tweeted, “Driving to #UMFLINT+ Icy Streets= #epicfail.” Later, he followed up with, “Just got finished reading the #umflint blog. That is the type of timely and effective response that we have grown accustomed to as students.”

Social Media Facts and Figures

Below, a summary of UM-Flint’s social media efforts in the month of December.

Our Audience:

Our Reach:

  • The highest number of “daily wall posts”* on Facebook was 37 on December 13.
  • The highest number of “daily comments”* on Facebook was 195 on December 13.
  • The highest number of “daily likes”* on Facebook was 151 on December 13.
  • The highest number of photo views was 349 on December 20, when photos of the December 2010 Commencement Ceremony were posted.
  • The tweeted links most often clicked were related to the Facebook photo album, “UM-Flint Was Here.”

*Facebook has updated its Insights reporting, and daily user interactions are now broken down in more detail than was previously available.


University Relations is always looking for things to promote across the social networks. If you have anything you’d like promoted, please forward your information to Alaina Wiens at [email protected].

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