UM-Flint Social Media Update | October 2010

What’s New

We did it! The recent push for 4,500 fans on Facebook was successful! On October 13, we determined that Dylan Devereaux was UM-Flint’s 4,500th fan. He received a prize pack, and so did the person who suggested that he “like” UM-Flint. We took a photo of Dylan with his prize pack that was used for our Friday Trivia Question that week. October 13 also received the month’s highest number of user interactions.

Social Media Facts and Figures

Below, a summary of UM-Flint’s social media efforts in the month of October.

Our Audience:

Our Reach:

  • The highest number of “interactions per post” on Facebook was 6.5 on October 5.
  • The highest number of “total interactions” in one day on Facebook was 46 on October 13, the day the 4,500th fan was named.
  • The highest number of photo views was 859 on October 15, when Dylan Devereaux’s photo was posted as part of Facebook Trivia. Users were asked to correctly identify five items in his prize pack. Photos from Greek Week were also posted that day. The total number of photo views on October 15 rivals the count from the Welcome Back Picnic on September 16, our highest number of views in one day (1,139).
  • The tweeted links most often clicked were related to the first-phase launch of the university website, and news content about Advanced Nursing Education expansion.


University Relations is always looking for things to promote across the social networks. If you have anything you’d like promoted, please forward your information to Alaina Wiens at [email protected].

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*Did you notice how close UM-Flint’s Facebook fan count was to 5,000 in the month of October? If you’re curious about whether we surpassed 5,000, visit the UM-Flint Facebook page to find out!