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My Biggest Fear About Tutoring

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I joined the Marian E. Wright Writing Center in the Winter of 2021. The semester before, I had taken ENG 363, the prerequisite to becoming a tutor at the Writing Center. When I started the class, I was not sure at all that I would want to be a tutor. I had previously tutored math

Primavera Imperatives by Molly Stover (2022 April Poetry Contest: 1st Place Poem for Prompt 1 – Spring)

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Wear the worn ones that are well-loved and grass-stained. Care for the worms as the rains have left them unearthed. Be gentle with all but the mud as you reacquaint yourself with a long-awaited rebirth. Remember the guileless child with eyes wonder-wide. Listen to the new birds sing days-old, age-old songs. Turn your face to