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Dust to Dust

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Cherish Dean was the winner of our 2019 Spooktacular Flash Fiction Writing Contest. It was a picturesque day when Natalie carried groceries into her suburban family home. Red heels clicked across polished wood floors. Skirt swished with each step. “Honeyyyy,” she called, “I’m home!” Nobody sat back in the recliner or dented the loveseat’s cushions

Why We Write

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There’s a fallacy out there in society today that says writing is irrelevant. Vlogs, podcasts, and short-form social media add credence to the idea that current and future generations will learn and communicate through spoken, not written, word.  Opposed to this popular new concept is The University; seen these days by the young as a

Spooktacular Flash Fiction Writing Contest!

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The semester is well-underway now, as well as the spooky month of October, and we at the Marian E. Wright Writing Center have been busy! We have a writing contest going on for October and Halloween. If you are a UM-Flint student, faculty member, or staff, you can submit a piece of writing to our