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Redefining “Writers Block”

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Here is the thing about writers block: it is not real. It does not exist. When you give such a term power, then it can take hold, intimidate and cause hesitation through fear. Think about dreams, the way our mind must sleep in order to process, think about how our bodies and minds need to

Never Wrong: Or How to Listen to Your Reader

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A few semesters ago I took a poetry writing class. For one poem, I was trying something different with my line lengths and rhythm. The teacher commented on the first draft that the rhythm was not working, and that I should try to break the lines up more. Breaking the lines up more was exactly

The Finish Line Involves a Resume – How scary!

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While many college graduates, myself included, would love to sit at home in comfy pajama pants while playing Angry Birds or doing something else of minimal importance, it is at this point in our lives that we realize we could be doing something more meaningful or productive with our time. When you reach the end

Writing a Proposal

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As you go further into the advanced coursework of your specific major, not only do you get the chance to study interesting things in greater detail, you also get the opportunity to begin participating in the scholarly conversations going on in your field. Academic journals and conferences are a gathering place for discussions about issues