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Common Ground

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Act One I adore literature.  My mom used to say that she only recognized me by the top of my head because of the time spent engrossed in a book.  If you ask me what book is my favorite, I will have a hard time choosing.  There’s the one that makes me cry with each

Authorities In Our Libraries

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Hello reader. Today we’re going to talk about what I’m currently studying. I would love to talk about what you’re studying, but unfortunately I am the writer and I am calling the shots around here. In Professor Zeff’s Women & Ficton course, we’ve been reading work by Virginia Woolf. Every time I begin a study

Conversations and Writer’s Block

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Sometimes you find yourself in some sort of sticky situation, or dark time. Everything seems impossible or improbable. The odds seem to be against you, and no matter what you put to the page, you just hate it. You’re hard on yourself and don’t give yourself the breathing space to realize it’s just a first