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Aw Crap, I’m out of M&Ms

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Writing, for most, consists largely of staring at a blank screen and a blinking cursor for half an hour. When the coffee mug (or brandy snifter) is empty and the peanut M&Ms source is depleted, the writer sinks deep into despair, realizing that not a word has been written, not a single worthy idea has

Musings of a Hypergraphic

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English was my first passion. Ever since elementary school, I have loved to read and write. Even now I still love the sounds and flow of words, the complexity of their interactions, and the power they hold to persuade readers, stimulate imaginations, and weave beauty from thin air. For me writing has always been more

Tutors Make Mistakes Too

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Lets face it, yes, tutors would like to believe that they are perfect and can do no wrong when it comes to the writing world. The fact of the matter is that tutors are humans and in being humans they are flawed, even if they claim they aren’t. We have lives, classes and other crazy