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PowerPoint Tips

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Many times when we do a research project for a class, we are asked to present our findings to our peers. From experience I know the idea of getting up and presenting your findings to your peers can be intimidating enough without the added pressure of creating a PowerPoint. Over time I have learned different

The Finish Line Involves a Resume – How scary!

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While many college graduates, myself included, would love to sit at home in comfy pajama pants while playing Angry Birds or doing something else of minimal importance, it is at this point in our lives that we realize we could be doing something more meaningful or productive with our time. When you reach the end

What’s up for Winter?

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Welcome back!  We’re gearing up for a new semester of reading, writing, and speaking. Here are the services you can check out at the Writing Center this semester: Tutoring for writing and public speaking Online tutoring for writing (available for online classes) Resources to help with MLA, APA, and other types of citations Weekly tutoring