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Becoming a “replacement”: The lessons learned

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Entering a new role in life is always hard. The uncertainties and self-doubt of whether you’ll actually be good at the new thing you’ve set out to do are ever-present. If you’re lucky, the right people will come along to guide you and give you confidence. I was. With the help of my tutor-emeritus friends,

Thesis Statements

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By: Laura Griglak Everyone knows that thesis statements are important. They set up your main argument and offer a guide for readers to refer back to. And yet, constructing an effective thesis statement is a lot like herding cats. One second the wily devil is within your grasp, and the next, it is lost in

Tea, Tutoring, and Skeletons: A Tutor’s Story

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Usually, you’ll find Luther Houle in the Writing Center sipping tea out of his favorite mug, a coffee cup with a zen-happy pig on the front. He received it last year as a new tutor award. Luther’s a low-key, happy guy and students love him. He’s kind, patient, and nurturing. It’s not uncommon to hear