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Writing Resources: Thesis Statements and Research

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Hello! Are you struggling to write a clear thesis statement? Are you trying to figure out how to collect, organize, and make sense of all your research?  The Writing Center has two great resources for you! Visit our Writing Resources and Tips page for two great handouts: Thesis Statement Generator Tip Sheet Information Management Chart Each of

Finding Your Resources

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For as long as I can remember I have never had a problem with my writing. I would always excel in my English classes growing up and I never felt like I had a problem with how I structured my papers or how I got my information. When I hit my junior year at the

Creative Writing Hacks

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How many of us have stared at a blank computer screen, desperately willing the words to flow effortlessly from our brains to the page? And how many of us, resigned, are forced to admit that it only rarely works that way?  Inspiration strikes without warning. It’s fickle and capricious, coming and going randomly. It’s impossible