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See my dad was Jamaican told me everything was irie/
If life is late giving you blossoms it’s because gardening you a field of ivies/
So just smile and I know a lot of patience comes with that/
See life will give you L’s but it’s about the comeback/
But I’m tough for her I love her, life’s a gift from the sky/
And everyday I live for her I live as if I never will die/
Because I know that if the rains stops and everything was dry/
She would cry just so I could drink the tears from her eyes/
See you have to stand for something or you will for whatever/
In these United States were so divided, why don’t we all come together/
Like we’re supposed to be, you roll with me not picking up no groceries/
Just flow with me and hopefully, when done reading this poetry/
You’ll be how you’re supposed to be and roar just like a lion/
Because this life calls for tough skin but your fur will survive the fire/
So walk immortal to the flame, pain is temporary gain/
And while you’re reading this, bow your head and say a prayer for all Ukraine/
See if Zelensky can crack a smile in the face of Russian missiles/
So can you in whatever circumstance of whatever is trying to hit you/
Let it miss you, see this Jamaican man I guess he knows a thing or two/
I guess to remind you when you’re alone that someone always stands with you/