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To the roses in full bloom on Second Ave- I’ve missed you

This winter has not been kind to me

It’s cold has lingered in these bones for too long

I’m so glad the spring rain has brought you here to me

To the window daisies that dance to the buzzing song of the bees 

Your happiness is contagious

Your sway has taught me what freedom looks like

To the fresh strawberries sunkissed by the sun

Being picked with sticky hands and smiles 

You’re beautiful

To the children’s pitter patter in puddles 

The height to their kites 

Their laughter breaking the stillness of winter 

A new season has begun 

To the new love that has blossomed 

Filled with new kisses and “ I love you’s” 

May it always be a breathe of fresh air 

To spring, My friend, I am so happy that you are here 

I’ve missed you.