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Primavera Imperatives by Molly Stover (2022 April Poetry Contest: 1st Place Poem for Prompt 1 – Spring)

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Wear the worn ones that are well-loved and grass-stained. Care for the worms as the rains have left them unearthed. Be gentle with all but the mud as you reacquaint yourself with a long-awaited rebirth. Remember the guileless child with eyes wonder-wide. Listen to the new birds sing days-old, age-old songs. Turn your face to

Halloween by Leticia Silva (2021 Spooktacular Writing Contest: 3rd Place Poetry)

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clouds engulf the sky rain patters on the ground wind whispers through the air heat is absent cheeks are pink noses disappear breaths are sharp fingertips disintegrate ears feel scorched leaves sweep across yards footsteps are erratic and bountiful children’s laughter echoes creaking comes from open doors crackling is followed by hands grabbing sweetness is

Coming Home to Campus

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In March of 2020, I left campus as a student for the very last time. Of course, I didn’t know it would be the last time. If I had known, I would have walked through the courtyards for a little bit longer. I would have finished my assignments in the library’s atrium instead of at

In Conclusion…

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Two years. That’s how long I’ve been a writing tutor at the Marian E. Wright Writing Center (M.E.W.). And yet, like all good things, my time at the Writing Center must come to an end. Today is my last day working at M.E.W. and I wanted to commemorate my time here by reflecting on conclusions.

Dealing with Logjams: For When the Words are Stubborn

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Not too long ago, my family visited Lumberman’s Monument.  It’s on the Au Sable River west of Oscoda, and if you haven’t been, I recommend it (although I think Iargo Springs, a few miles down the road, is even better).  The views are excellent, the monument itself oddly compelling and vivid for being a bunch