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Read to Write

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As tutors we often hear students’ frustrations about not being able to have enough to write about for writing assignments. If this is a problem for you, the first thing you might want to try is reading. This might not be the best time to pick up the latest vampire series, though. Try reading something

“I Had an Idea…but Now It’s Gone.”

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Have you ever had a brilliant idea, but when it came time to write it down couldn’t remember what it was? I had that happen recently. It was coming up for my turn to write a blog post for the Writing Center, and I came up with something that I thought would be a great

What’s up for Winter?

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Welcome back!  We’re gearing up for a new semester of reading, writing, and speaking. Here are the services you can check out at the Writing Center this semester: Tutoring for writing and public speaking Online tutoring for writing (available for online classes) Resources to help with MLA, APA, and other types of citations Weekly tutoring

Shared Learning

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For me, one of the many sources of joy is helping someone understand something they were having difficulties with. It is wonderful when I see the twinkle in the eye or the proverbial light turn on. The twinkle in the eye and the proverbial light turning on tells me the path to success is not

Welcome Back!

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On behalf of all of us at the Marian E. Wright Writing Center, welcome to the University of Michigan – Flint! For returning students, welcome back! In addition, welcome to the Writing Center’s fancy new(ish) blog. Set up by Writing Center tutors Scott Atkinson and Roger Austin, we will be using this blog throughout the

Welcome to the blog

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Welcome to the official blog of the Marian E. Wright Writing Center at the University of Michigan-Flint! We at the writing center invite you to join us here as we discuss everything from just what it is we do at the writing center to the occasional (and perhaps geeky) rant on some of our own thoughts