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“Where would you like to eat?”
A question as old as time.
“I don’t know, you can pick,
anywhere to me seems fine.”

“Let’s get burgers and fries,
that would be tasty and nice.”
She looked up, rolled her eyes,
“Haven’t you heard of their lies?”

“We could try that new place,”
pointing to the map, with grace.
“My brother went there, Chase,
in his food was a shoelace.”

“What about some stir fry,
where they cook at your table?”
“I don’t think so,
with all of their faces, I wouldn’t be able.”

“Honey, you disagree with my every choice,
I think it’s time for you to decide.”
“Let’s just go back home,” she said,
“where we can eat and confide.”

“Thank you, my dear, that sounds great.
I just wanted to spend time with you.”
“How about after we eat,
we could watch a good movie, or two?”