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Out to Eat by Micah Helzerman (2023 Love Stinks Writing Contest: 1st Place)

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“Where would you like to eat?”A question as old as time.“I don’t know, you can pick,anywhere to me seems fine.” “Let’s get burgers and fries,that would be tasty and nice.”She looked up, rolled her eyes,“Haven’t you heard of their lies?” “We could try that new place,”pointing to the map, with grace.“My brother went there, Chase,in

Scrap Paper: A Creative Writing Newsletter February Issue

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This just in! The Marian E. Wright Writing Center now has a creative writing newsletter. Please enjoy our first issue of Scrap Paper, a newsletter dedicated to: This issue covers creative writing tips on topics like “Creating Your Own Writing Space” and “Setting Goals and Deadlines”. It also covers UM-Flint’s Poetry Award, Qua Literary and

Blooming at the End

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The Writing Center is home to many interesting, talented tutors and writers. Jordan Morrow is both. I asked him how he’s grown as a writer. In his typical witty and charmingly sarcastic manner, he responds with: “I water myself once a day and make sure I get plenty of sun.” Then he laughs, but I

Writing as Therapy

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Life is not easy; not that I really have to tell any of you that. Things aren’t always good and sometimes we have to avoid them to keep ourselves safe. In the event that things get out of control, it becomes categorized as an interference on life and sometimes a mental illness. Treatments often include