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Your love, a sweet veneer, concealed poison’s blade,
An insidious elixir, familiar yet ominous shade,
A weapon cloaked as affection, it did cascade,
Turning my world into a sinister masquerade.

Like corrosive acid, you seared me from within,
Ignoring pleas for mercy, indulging in your sin,
I descended into your abyss, a realm of chagrin,
A hellscape, a darkness unfathomed, where I’ve been.

Your silence, sharp as knives, pierced my very soul,
Red flags you raised, your blades taking their toll,
My heart shattered, pieces lost in a black hole,
You watched my spirit wither, an unwavering troll.

You used the shards, those fragments you once adored,
Sharpened them with a malevolent smile, my spirit floored,
Thrusting them back into my vulnerable core,
Your eyes, once full of love, now gleaming with discord.

The pieces that were once whole, you methodically tore,
Slithering like a serpent in my once-blooming decor,
Now, a barren wasteland, where nightmares roar,
The grave of the girl I once was, a desolate floor.

I emerged from the ashes, rebuilt, and renewed,
No thanks to you, but in spite of what ensued,
A life nearly extinguished, but not subdued,
Now, a woman stands unbroken, her fortitude.

The girl who once loved you with all she possessed,
You drained her cup, left her spirit distressed,
Now, the woman I’ve become, you’ve witnessed,
A goddess, who knows her worth, no less, no excess.

I extend forgiveness, for it sets me free,
No longer shouldering your burdens, you see,
The girl who was broken, now fierce and carefree – in darkness, I found my light.
To the girl I once was, RIP. Love, reborn, a woman – me.