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Collaboration is Key

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When deciding what to write about in this blog post, I experienced a case of writers block. Collaboration quickly became the remedy to my problem. After collaborating with colleagues, I had my answer: collaboration as it relates to education, knowledge, professional success, and making connections. During my time in academia, I have made connections with

The Need to Succeed

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Do you want to be successful in life? Do you want a big house, nice car, loving family, and a household pet named Mr. Biggles? Academia is a great place to start your path to success. A college degree can be a helpful tool in getting that dream job, and the knowledge that comes with

Newbies and Veterans: We All Start Somewhere

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I have been a tutor here at the Marian E. Wright writing center since the winter of 2014. My time here has been a learning experience and a growing experience. When I started I remember myself being spirited and motivated, however I was nervous and unsure of myself. With the guidance of many great colleagues,

To Write We Must First Read

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In our quest for knowledge, we write in order to express ourselves, but we must first read if we ever hope to gain any of that knowledge. As a writer I am able to express my thoughts and ideas. I am free to open my mind and unleash it upon the world, but before I