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I have been a tutor here at the Marian E. Wright writing center since the winter of 2014. My time here has been a learning experience and a growing experience. When I started I remember myself being spirited and motivated, however I was nervous and unsure of myself. With the guidance of many great colleagues, mentors, and friends I have settled into a comfortable and confident state of mind as a tutor, a student, and a person as a whole. My experiences in tutorial sessions have taught me a lot about students as writers and myself as a tutor. I have learned that the writers I work with are not much different than me because we seem to have similar fears, problems, aspirations, and dreams. We all have doubts. It is not uncommon to not have a clear idea of where we see ourselves in the future. I found that setting day-by-day goals can be a great way to get going in the right direction. Keeping a positive attitude and following through with goals can lead to a clearer understanding of our dreams, our futures, and ourselves.

My experiences in academia and the lessons I have learned along the way are valuable tools I have used and will use in my life to come. When I first started my college experience it wasn’t very easy to picture myself as a successful and productive person, and while I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my future, the details still weren’t very clear. At this point in my academic career I am much more confident in my abilities and the potential I have of making my dreams come true. This newfound confidence has only been possible through my experiences and the lessons I have learned through those experiences. So, my take away lesson is this: in order to make the transition from a newbie to a veteran you must be active, work hard, get involved, and experience the adventure of life. You can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, as the saying goes. Hands on, life experience is what helps us learn, grow, and ultimately shapes who we are or what we will become.