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Dealing with Logjams: For When the Words are Stubborn

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Not too long ago, my family visited Lumberman’s Monument.  It’s on the Au Sable River west of Oscoda, and if you haven’t been, I recommend it (although I think Iargo Springs, a few miles down the road, is even better).  The views are excellent, the monument itself oddly compelling and vivid for being a bunch

Profiles in Process: Laura G.

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Sometimes the best way to pick up new tips and tricks is to see how other people work through a task.  With that in mind, here’s a peek into the writing process of Laura, one of our illustrious tutors. Thanks for volunteering, Laura! What are your favorite pre-writing strategies? What works for you? My favorite pre-writing

Lists Are Great: Pre-writing for the organization-phobic

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I admire organized people.  I really do.  They have planners and charts and spreadsheets and pay their bills on time, and generally seem to have their stuff together.  That’s probably pretty cool.  I am not an organized person, so I wouldn’t know.  I spend a lot of my time at the ragged edge of disaster,