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Ron Williams: Elevating Success through Education and Strategic Knowledge

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Graduate school is a significant undertaking that requires dedication, commitment, and a clear focus on personal and professional goals. This week on the Victors in Grad School Podcast we have a compelling conversation with Ron Williams, a successful business professional who holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Michigan – Flint.

Graduating Student Spotlight- Emily Kim Leonard

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Welcome back to another week of the Graduating Student Spotlight! Today’s graduate is Emily Kim Leonard of our Master of Public Administration Program! Emily studied advertising in her undergraduate degree, but moved on to concentrating on social and public policy in her graduate studies. She has a strong interest in social justice issues, and uses

Graduating Student Spotlight: Shannda Markee

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This December, we’re going to do something different for our Graduate Student Spotlight! Instead, it will be the return of the Graduating Student Spotlight! All December, we’ll be highlighting graduate students that will be finishing up with their degrees and graduating. We’re starting today’s Graduating Student Spotlight with Master of Leadership and Organizational Dynamics student,

Graduate Student Spotlight – Emma DeBaeke-Brighton

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Today we’re returning with another Graduate Student Spotlight! Today’s graduate student is Emma DeBaeke-Brighton, who is studying Physical Therapy for her graduate education! Emma started out studying exercise science in her undergraduate education, which has helped her move on to her graduate studies. She loves working with UM-Flint’s community partners to help those in need

Graduate Student Spotlight: Molly Cope

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Welcome back to another Graduate Student Spotlight! Today’s spotlight is on Molly Cope, who is studying for her Master of Science in Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner! Molly is a dedicated student, having studied Psychology and Nursing in her undergraduate education. She started her undergrad at Miami University for Psychology, following it with Nursing

Graduate Student Spotlight: Meghan Bleck

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It’s the return of the Graduate Student Spotlight! This week, we’re highlighting Meghan Bleck! Meghan is currently studying for a Master of Arts in Secondary Education with Certification! She majored in History and Criminal Justice in her undergraduate degree, and takes a special interest in studying sexism in middle and high school settings, and how

Exploring Different Avenues: Lora Phelps’ Path to a Master’s Degree in Public Administration

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Welcome to another exciting episode of the Victors in Grad School podcast! In this episode, our host, Dr. Christopher Lewis, sits down with a special guest, Lora Phelps, an early college dual enrollment coordinator. Lora shares her journey from undergraduate to graduate school, discussing the pivotal moments and decisions that led her to pursue further education.

The Value of Experiential Learning: Kris Johns’ Secrets to Success in Graduate School

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Welcome back to another episode of the Victors in Grad School podcast! In today’s episode, we have a special guest, Kris Johns, who will be sharing his educational journey and offering valuable advice on pursuing a graduate degree. Kris will delve into the importance of learning how to learn, the demanding nature of graduate school,

Graduating Student Spotlight – Chezlynn Chinavare

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It’s time once again to say goodbye to, and send our well wishes to another graduating student! This week, we’re highlighting Master of Science in Nursing student, Chezlynn Chinavare! Thank you for studying with us, Chezlynn, and we hope that your next steps will be full of opportunities! Congratulations on graduating soon — here’s a

Graduate Student Spotlight: MBA Student, Nichole Huff

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Returning to the Graduate Student Spotlight once again, today we’re highlighting MBA student, Nichole Huff! Nichole is studying for her Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care Management. She is interested in studying the different inequities and disparities in our current healthcare system, and how to alleviate them from a business perspective.