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It’s time once again to say goodbye to, and send our well wishes to another graduating student! This week, we’re highlighting Master of Science in Nursing student, Chezlynn Chinavare! Thank you for studying with us, Chezlynn, and we hope that your next steps will be full of opportunities! Congratulations on graduating soon — here’s a little more on Chezlynn and her experiences here at UM-Flint:

Why did you choose your major?

I chose to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree because I have a profound interest in deepening my clinical skills as well as a strong desire to educate the next generation of nurses. As a Nurse Practitioner, I am eager to assume greater responsibilities in patient care, have more autonomy, and specialize in my area of interest. In parallel, I am passionate about the idea of contributing to nursing education as a professor, leveraging the advanced knowledge and competencies I would gain from my MSN. This degree will equip me with the necessary expertise, leadership skills, and the broader perspective on healthcare required for these roles. My ultimate aim is to enhance patient outcomes through direct care and by fostering high-quality education for future nurses.

What do you plan to do post graduating? 

Upon graduation, I aim to serve as a Nurse Practitioner, applying my advanced clinical skills to improve patient care. In parallel, I plan to share my knowledge with aspiring nurses as a part-time nursing professor. Over time, my goal is to balance both roles, engage in nursing research, and contribute to the broader nursing profession.

What is your favorite memory of your graduate studies?

My favorite memory from graduate studies stems from our online study group. Despite the virtual setting, we managed to forge strong bonds, supporting each other through challenging courses and exams. A standout moment was an intense, hours-long online study session before a major exam, where we debated and taught each other complex concepts. Equally memorable was the invaluable guidance we have received from our professors. Their dedication, even in an online context, was remarkable and truly enhanced our learning experience. These relationships and shared experiences underscore the collaborative spirit of our cohort and have been the highlight of my graduate journey. Winter MSN7 has been the BEST group EVER!