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Masters of Business Administration: A Journey of Lifelong Learning and Success

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Jennifer Phillips

Embarking on a journey through graduate school can be both challenging and rewarding. In a recent podcast episode of  Victors in Grad School, Jennifer Phillips, a graduate of the University of Michigan Flint’s MBA program, shared her personal journey and the lessons she learned along the way. Her experiences offer valuable insights for current and

Graduate School Success Strategies: Lessons in Femtoring

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Embarking on the journey of graduate school can be a transformative experience, especially for first-generation students of color. In a recent episode of Victors in Grad School, Dr. Christopher Lewis engages with Dr. Miroslava Chavez-Garcia and Dr. Yvette Martinez-Vu, coauthors of “Is Grad School For Me,” to delve into their personal narratives and invaluable advice

Chief Diversity Officer’s Journey: Tips for Thriving in Graduate School

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David Luke

Embarking on a journey to graduate school comes with its own set of successes and challenges. The path to achieving success in graduate school is seldom a straightforward one. In this enlightening conversation, we sit down with Dr. David Luke, the chief diversity officer at the University of Michigan-Flint, to delve into Dr. Luke’s experiences

Marsha Hare’s Journey: Balancing Work, Grad School, and Success in Information Resource Management

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Marsha Hare

Entering graduate school is a significant step in one’s academic and professional journey. It requires careful consideration, motivation, and a clear vision of how it will contribute to personal and career growth. In this week’s Victors in Grad School Podcast, Marsha Hare, an international logistics analyst with XPO Logistics, shares her inspiring journey from undertaking

From Undergrad to Success: Jeff Sharkey’s Graduate School Journey

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Jeff Sharkey

The Importance of Continuous Learning In this week’s Victors in Grad School we welcome Jeff Sharkey, Vice President for Tru Treasury, as he shares his insights into the journey of success through graduate school. A key takeaway from his experience is the importance of continuous learning. His decision to pursue a graduate degree was driven

Non-Linear Paths in Graduate School: Robert Burack’s Unique Journey

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Robert Burack

Embarking on the journey of graduate school can be a daunting yet rewarding endeavor. In the podcast episode “Victors in Grad School,” Robert Burack, co-founder of Brocade Studio, shares insights from his experience transitioning from undergraduate to graduate education, offering valuable tips and reflections for success in the world of higher education. The Non-Linear Path

Balancing Work and Research in Pursuit of a Master’s in Biology With Arianna Elkins

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Dr. Christopher Lewis, the host of Victor’s in Grad School, recently had a compelling conversation with Arianna Elkins, a student in the master’s in biology program at the University of Michigan Flint. The discussion delved into her journey from undergraduate to graduate studies, the decision to pursue a joint degree program, the importance of balance

The Lifelong Impact of Mentorship in Physical Therapy with Dr. Jennifer Blackwood

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Understanding Faculty Impact In this enlightening conversation with Dr. Jennifer Blackwood, Director of the Physical Therapy program at the University of Michigan-Flint, students were urged to focus on the caliber of faculty when choosing a graduate program. Dr. Blackwood stressed that meaningful growth is nurtured through connections with educators who are committed to continuous learning