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Overcoming Challenges and Finding Success in Grad School: A Journey with Dr. John Long

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Graduate school is a challenging yet rewarding journey that demands determination, resilience, and a passion for learning. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the insightful conversation between Dr. Christopher Lewis and Dr. John Long, a senior lecturer in engineering at Deakin University in Australia. Dr. Long shares his remarkable journey through graduate school, offering

Be Confident in Yourself with Mackenzie Schroeder

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This week on the Victors in Grad School podcast we are joined by Mackenzie Schroeder, a PhD student in Communications at at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where she also serves as a graduate instructor. We talk to Mackenzie about her journey from attending the University of Michigan-Flint to going to the University of Missouri-Columbia, receiving

Graduate Student Spotlight– Lexi Britt

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In today’s Graduate Student Spotlight, we’re highlighting Anesthesia student, Lexi Britt! Lexi is currently studying as part of our Doctorate of Nurse Anesthesia Practice program. Lexi is involved with her cohort, and deeply appreciates the collaborative, supportive environment she’s found with her classmates. She enjoys working with her professors and faculty advisors, and is determined

Debate Ideas With Others to Prepare for Graduate School with Robert Carpenter

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Dr. Robert Carpenter

This week on the Victors in Grad School podcast we are joined by Dr. Robert Carpenter who is the Deputy Chief Information Officer in the Division of Information Technology, Associate Provost within the Division of Academic Affairs and Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. I talk with Dr.