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Faculty Spotlight: Douglas Zytko

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A new day brings another faculty spotlight with it! Today’s spotlight is on Professor Douglas Zytko of our College of Innovation and Technology! Professor Zytko teaches classes in Human-computer interaction and Computer Ethics. He currently studies and designs computer-mediated consent to interpersonal behavior as a lens to prevent abuse online. Much of his research is

Graduate Student Spotlight: Brianna Kemp

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We return this week with another Graduate Student Spotlight! Today’s student is Brianna Kemp of our Physician Assistant program! Brianna is a student with a deep appreciation for her chosen subject. She started out her career in higher education here at UM-Flint with her bachelor’s degree, a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. Brianna has since

Faculty Spotlight: Christina Snider

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It’s still technically the start of the New Year…why not bring a new Faculty Spotlight with it? Today we’re highlighting one of our fantastic faculty members, Christina Snider! Christina teaches Pediatrics and Primary care in our Master of Science in Nursing and Doctorate of Nursing Practice programs. Christina is a skilled faculty member who works

Graduate Student Spotlight: Myron David Henderson Jr

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Today’s Graduate Student Spotlight highlights Master of Public Administration student, Myron David Henderson Jr! Myron studied Political Science in his undergraduate education and has followed his interest there to study public policy. Myron has a deep interest in different policy types, and enjoys how his current studies allow him to learn more! He’s done a

Graduate Student Spotlight: RoShawndra Opara

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Hello, and welcome back to another week of the Graduate Student Spotlight! This week, we’re covering RoShawndra Opara of our Ed.D program! RoShawndra’s current studies are a continuation of her undergraduate focus, where she received a bachelor’s degree in education, specifically in PreK-12th grade teaching, with an emphasis on English and Math. In her graduate

Graduate Student Spotlight: Ekbal Alnajar

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Ready for the New Year? Before we leap into 2024, it’s time for one last highlight of 2023! Today’s Graduate Student Spotlight is for Ekbal Alnajar, a dual degree graduate student studying for his Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Dynamics *and* his Master of Business Administration! Ekbal is continuing his studies into business

Graduate Student Spotlight: Alivia Combs

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Welcome back to our regular Graduate Student Spotlight! Today’s graduate student is Alivia Combs, a Master of Business Administration student! Alivia is working hard as a graduate student, and enjoys her studies, taking a keen interest in her entrepreneurship classes. In her undergraduate degree, she studied music- now she focuses on marketing within her graduate

Graduating Student Spotlight- Emily Kim Leonard

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Welcome back to another week of the Graduating Student Spotlight! Today’s graduate is Emily Kim Leonard of our Master of Public Administration Program! Emily studied advertising in her undergraduate degree, but moved on to concentrating on social and public policy in her graduate studies. She has a strong interest in social justice issues, and uses

Graduating Student Spotlight: Shannda Markee

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This December, we’re going to do something different for our Graduate Student Spotlight! Instead, it will be the return of the Graduating Student Spotlight! All December, we’ll be highlighting graduate students that will be finishing up with their degrees and graduating. We’re starting today’s Graduating Student Spotlight with Master of Leadership and Organizational Dynamics student,

Graduate Student Spotlight – Emma DeBaeke-Brighton

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Today we’re returning with another Graduate Student Spotlight! Today’s graduate student is Emma DeBaeke-Brighton, who is studying Physical Therapy for her graduate education! Emma started out studying exercise science in her undergraduate education, which has helped her move on to her graduate studies. She loves working with UM-Flint’s community partners to help those in need